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February 14, 2013
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What have I done?
Drunk!Germany x Pregnant!Reader

You being married to Ludwig for 3 months was heaven.He always make you happy,in or out of the bed.To make it perfect,You found out you were pregnant. 1 month to be exact.You were planning to tell Ludwig when he comes home.

You smiled as you ate your 5th nutella sandwich.
"I can't wait to tell him." You thought.You heard the door slam open.
"(NAME)~!!" It was Ludwig,sounds like he was drunk.
"Hi Luddy!" You said with a smile.He came too you and smacked you on the cheek..HARD.The stingy pain made you roll out a tear.
"You little bitch.You ARE CHEATING ON ME!!!!!!!" He smacked you again.
You cried."WHAT ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT?!?!" He grabbed you by the collar of your shirt.
"Ludwig..P-Please stop!" You begged him.And he lets you go.
You tried to run.But alas,HE grabbed you by the arm and pinned you down to the wall.
"Ludwig..." You could smell the beer.His lips suddenly crashed into yours.
The taste of beer made you cry once again.You pushed him away.
"Ludwig you're DRUNK!" You exclaimed.Both of your hands were placed on your chest.Your heart beated quickly.
"DON'T ACT LIKE AS IF YOU KNOW ME!" He slapped you.You cried even harder.He then suddenly punches you,first the face and second the stomach.
As you landed on your butt.You felt something...You stood up and saw a blood stain.You gasped and cried. Ludwig pushed you again and you curled into a ball.

He then starts kicking you,Your head,Your stomach,your sides..your EVERYTHING.
"Gah.I'm going to bed." The drunk German said as he went up into your shared room.You on the other hand..were still curled up in a ball.
Having a hard time to breath.


"Ahh,My head.." Ludwig woke up with a hang over.He looked at the place were you would usually sleep."Guess (Name) got up early.." He sat up and noticed a brown envelope.
"What is this?" He pickd it up and opened it.
His blue eys scanned the paper inside.He smiled and cried tears of joy.
"What?" He smiled "(Name) is..pregnant?!?!" He began to laugh.
"I"M GOING TO BE A DAD!" He jumped out of bed. He went downstairs
with that smiled "(NAME)!!! I"M SO HAP-" He was cut off when he saw your body,curled up in a ball with a blood stain on your butt.
"(N-Name)??" He went to you and knelt down.
"(Name)?" Your eyes were still open,you had a black eye and a bruise on your porcelain like face.
"(Name)...(Name)...(NAME)!" Ludwig began to cry as cupped you bruised cheeks.
"(Name) who did this to you?" He held her cold hand.Tears landed on the your face.
Ludwig then becomes silent.He remebered everything on what happened last night.

He grew silent and bit his lip.
"I killed (Name) and our baby..I killed them..I killed them....I killed two things that could've made me complete...I killed (Name) and our child...
I killed them..." He mumbled. He carried your lifeless body and laid you down on the bed.
"Sorry,sorry,sorry,sorry.." He held your cold hands onto his face.


What have I done? Drunk!Germany x Preg!Readerby RandomGurlonthenet

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Romance / Teen / Short Stories©2013-2014 RandomGurlonthenet
Mature Content
ahha i uploaded it on a valentines day. later nerds. enjoy crying
i dont like hetalia anymore later noobs

aug 12 2014 
if ya complainin bought this ill slap u im putting up mature content 
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my kokoro! *cries*
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shadowsilverfangirl1 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I know this may 
Sound dumb but why was there blood on my booty ?
Because there was a baby developing in the reader's womb and when he punch her in the stomach it must've crushed the baby or at least damaged the uterus and so blood must've come out and yeah....
shadowsilverfangirl1 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
ohhh ok thanks for that :3
Anytime =)
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're cruel but I enjoyed this
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